I can't come up with a name!

  I've got this new beer that's just about ready to be bottled. It's a cafe mocha stout. But I can't just call it that, now can I? Only, as hard as I try, I really can't seem to come up with a decent name.

So clearly someone will need to do it for me. Give me your best suggestions. This will be a fairly heavy stout with a good bit of espresso and chocolate flavoring (if all goes according to plan). So the name should communicate that clearly. Or not, I mean, obviously that concept isn't working very well for me. Plus, why should you be limited by my preconceptions? Go crazy, let me have it!

Winner gets a MadScutter Sampler Pack containing two bottles each of BudderSkaatch, The Beez Booz, and the currently unnamed stout.

Here are the Contest Rules.

Entry form is at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE - 05/17/2007:

So I've been advised that perhaps I should reconsider the image on the label for the new beer. So check back soon and I'll have another choice or two. You may as well help design the label since you are already picking the name...

UPDATE - 06/05/2007:

Ok, so clearly the deadline has been extended. Towel day has come and gone and I've received a whopping three entries. Now, I'll admit, there have been some good ones, but I'd really like to hear a few more before I declare a winner. So come on people, gimme some names!

The new deadline: All entries must be received by midnight on Neil Patrick Harris' 34th birthday. The winner will be announced the following Sunday.

Also, I've got two more label candidates for a grand total of three. Go here to cast your vote.

Entry Form

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